Price: $4,000

Seller: marty jackson
State: Kentucky
City: Lexington
Zip code: 40505
Type: Sport

All you bodybuilers, power lifters and guys getting ready for a strong man contest that cant bare to see a lil rust, get you some WD40 & SOS pad and get started. Pairs from 25 lbs up to 130 lbs, except for 30 & 35 lbs. plus i will include weight rack as well. Some sites sells brand new dumbbell kits from 5 lbs pairs up to 150 lbs pairs in 5 lbs increments for double this price without shipping cost, but prepair for a back order on some of the heavier sets because they dont stock a bunch of 150lb dumbbells to just lay around in a warehouse. What stock boy making $15/hr is going to bend over & move 60 to 150lb dumbells all day. For a fee, I can remove the rust from them.  You can also find out how to remove the rust from